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At South Perth Early Learning School, our babies’ room and nursery is designed to the highest standard. It provides for all aspects of a baby’s needs: comfort and security, as well as stimulation and creativity. The staff have been selected for their qualifications, dedication and expertise. In the babies’ room, safety and security are of paramount importance.

Baby Learning

  • A baby’s life consists mainly of important routines. Routines for mealtime, nap time, playtime, bedtime, cuddle time, etc. are vital for infants. Predictable routines provide stability.  An understanding of everyday events and procedures and trust in adults is developed. An effective routine provides a variety of learning opportunities for infants, for example feeding themselves.

  • Babies engage with their environment and learn what to expect at different times of the day. They learn to anticipate and recognise signs of change in their activities.

  • Our babies’ room also has the latest in resources with natural wooden toys inspired by Montessori. The room also comprises an outdoor natural environment that is actually indoors to help them explore their world without damaging UV rays.

  • With carefully chosen fun, play -based educational programs designed by our educators, your baby will love their new world. They will learn how to identify things, create meaning, build relationships, be open, learn resilience, build concentration, be creative, and develop socially and emotionally.


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Opening Hours

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