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Our Kindergarten and Preschool area consist of large indoor and outdoor spaces. In the kindy and preschool room, a variety of experiences are used; whole group interactions, intentional teaching, inquiry, real life experiences, transitions and routines.

Children in this age-group learn through relationships within family, community, culture and place. Participation in everyday life ensures children develop interests and construct their own identities and understanding of the world.

Kindy - Pre School Learning

  • Routines support increasing independence in children as they become competent in skills, like feeding and dressing themselves. There is a large play area with indoor and outdoor space. Children’s furniture and toys are age-specific and made from wood inspired by Montessori.

  • Play is a primary medium for children’s learning, so educators plan how they will structure, use and support play experiences. Children participate in decision-making and problem-solving. This results in self-confidence and an ability to accept alternative outcomes and points of view. Educators and peers are active participants.
  • The intentional curriculum is drawn from a review of many teaching philosophies and has been developed in conjunction with the WA kindergarten curriculum guidelines. The child’s stage of development and readiness is the key to successful learning in literacy and numeracy.

  • Children are encouraged to embrace their natural environment and harness their inner creative ambitions. The fact that the Swan river foreshore and the zoo are within walking distance, allow ample opportunity for “outdoor education” through excursions.


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