3 Types Of Play Based Learning

Your child is naturally curious.

They want to know about the world around them. 

Right from birth, children are learning. 

They do this by watching and listening, moving, talking, feeling, exploring and questioning; by interacting with people, other children, animals, objects and spaces indoors and outdoors, around the home, and when you are out and about. 

In other words, your child learns through play.

And There Are Mainly 3 Types Of Play Based Learning.

#1 Child Initiated

• Freely chosen by the child
• Little direct adult involvement or interaction
• Spontaneous

#2 Guided

• Initiated by the child or adult
• Adults may join in to extend learning through questioning and demonstrating

#3 Adult Led

• Organised and directed by an adult and may include instructions but remains open ended
• Intentions are clear, specific and promote high level thinking skills

Through play-based learning, your child is: discovering, taking risks, negotiating, problem-solving, being creative, learning to get on with others and developing self-awareness.

A play-based learning environment encourages talking, reading, thinking and writing. Through this, your child sees literacy and numeracy as part of their everyday experience.

They see themselves as communicators, readers, writers and thinkers.

They make predictions and generalisations about their world, use patterns and symbols, and experiment to find out why things happen.

They make connections between experiences, concepts and processes.

Play-based learning involves careful decisions and support from teachers, so your child grows to accept responsibility for their learning while still receiving purposeful guidance and feedback.

It promotes important opportunities for your child to understand how to learn, develop critical thinking skills, adapt to change, and work independently as well as with others.


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